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From a Parent's View
This is a quick note from Cari Bolen sharing her thoughts on the influence the Martial Arts has had on her son, Bear Bolen. I asked her to do this because I am blown away by this family and I believe that we all can learn from them.
The best way to describe The Bolens (Kenny the Dad, Cari the Mom, and Bear the Son) is the salt of the earth types.
When you meet these guys one thing is most evident and that is before they know your name they make you feel like family!
If you know any Black Belts you know that we can sometimes have an ego and because of our accomplishments we should. Bear Bolen is not short on his, but, the things Bigger than his ego is his humbleness, his humility and his warmth.
Oh, did I mention that he is only fifteen!
A testament to Great parenting and good Martial Arts instruction!
Tee Thompson

I can see through the last four years that my son(Bear Bolen) has grown as a person in the Martial Arts World....through his Tae Kwon Do.....this has given him much self-confidence and respect for others ....even when he does not have the respect from others either in school or wherever we may be....he still is polite to others with a wonderful sense of humor....
What a great learning experience this has been for him with the testing and teaching and the many many tournaments that we have been blessed to participate in....I know this sport will take him very far in life very many different aspects of his life....he will only keep growing and learning while he stays in Martial Arts....
It is a true blessing when others parents come talk to my husband and I about his compassion for others and his wonderful sportsmanship that he has toward others ....
As parents we are very proud and we Thank all of the Instructors that we have been blessed to meet and to learn from.
Cari Bolen

Black Judo Uniform

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Revised Last 1/09/08