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Janis Fraley 10th Degree Black Belt

On October 14th, 2006 I walked into the Salvation Army Boy's and Girl's gymnasium like I have for about a dozen or so years to attend the 16th annual Open Karate Tournament of Youth.  Little did I know that when I woke up that morning that I was to witness the crowning of a Grand Master!

Janis Fraley, the director of the tournament and of the Boy's and Girl's club where the annual event is held, had planned to promote some of her long time Black Belts. But as you know, when plans are made the unforeseen happens!

The team trophy had just been awarded, when Kenneth Lowe, Janis's highest ranked Black Belt, decided to make an announcement over the loud speaker and introduced Samuel P. Rubin, Grand Master of The BLACK KNIGHT KARATE association originally from Lafayette, Louisiana now living in Houston, Texas

Totally floored and surprised by the grand entrance, Janis Fraley received a promotion to 9th Degree Black Belt from the head of her association!

For anyone who knows Janis knows that without a doubt she is a very giving person. Janis was recently recognized for her participation in the "National Day of Giving" for organizing a towel drive for the homeless. Janis had heard that there were more homeless people who wanted to shower than there were towels at the day shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is right next to Broken Arrow where she lives. Last I heard the tables were turned; now there are more towels than homeless in this day center.

Grand Master Rubins wasn't done yet! Stating that he felt that this was not enough rank to adequately justify all that she had done for the Martial Arts and her community, he went one step further by doing what is rarely done and promoted Janis Fraley to the ultimate rank of 10th Degree Black Belt!

The newly promoted Grand Master, Janis Fraley, proceeded with her plans to promote her student Kenneth Lowe to the rank of 6th Degree black belt, Brett Keel to the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt and Michael Hall to the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Janis's best friend, Lorena Thomas (1st Degree Black Belt) and her husband Sanders J. Thomas (6th Degree Black Belt), both of the BLACK KNIGHT KARATE association in Lafayette, Louisiana came in for the ceremonies.

It is nice to see the good guys win every once in a while!

Tee Thompson
Black Judo Uniform

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