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Fact or Fiction 

On the subject of the martial arts, is one style greater, than the other?

Take for instance, the late Bruce Lee.

If he thought the Chinese had the best styles or types of martial arts, why would he combine the best of judo, tae kwon do, karate, Thai kickboxing, and western style boxing to develop his own unique style of Jeet kune do?

Evidently he thought they all offered some value and took from them what he thought would work best.

For more than three decades now we have seen all of the great martial artist on the big screen. You know who they all are, from different parts of the world and styles or types of martial arts.

Is it truly the type of martial arts that these great ones have perfected that gives them their power? Or, could it be that these people just worked a lot harder than the rest of us?

Another thought; if someone were attacking you and you stopped them with a front snap kick, would you say that I kicked them with a Korean front kick or that kick the bad guy with a Japanese front kick?

What if you didn't know any martial arts at all and the thought came to you to kick your attacker in the shin? What would you say then about which art was the best then?

The end result is you stopped the attack and you survived!

A true martial artist understands that if you don't practice your art in advance when you need it it will not be there for you. I don't care if Bruce Lee himself taught you everyday for a month; you will not get anything out of it if you don't practice on your own.

It doesn't matter what style you're from it only matters how hard you train outside of class.

Remember the style, doesn't make the martial artist. The martial artist makes the style.

Do you believe a man 5 feet 7 inches tall can leap over ten kneeling men do a spinning back kick to break some board?

Fact or fiction?

If you say no, you're wrong.

Master Jung tae Park Did it in 1976 at Master D. W. Kang's TaeKwonDo tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was there, I saw it!

Hard work, not style!


Anthony Hervey

Black Judo Uniform

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Revised Last 1/10/08