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From a Parents point of View

As a parent of 4 children (3 boys, 1girl) I wanted to take time out to write what the world of Martial Arts have meant to them and to me as a parent. As a parent in today's life, I wanted to seek an viable interest, yet rewarding experience that they could enjoy and learn from the experience as well.

After viewing and reading certain Martial Arts Schools/Clubs in the surrounding I live in. Researching their organizations and choosing one that we thought they could get the most out of. We chose a Martial Arts school that instructed the art of Taekwondo and Hapkido.

You might ask why this choice.

As a parent I chose this path because of the history, the challenge, and most of all the respect that goes into it. It molded character, confidence, self respect, discipline, respecting parents and people in general, as well as taught self-defense. It improved socializing, attitudes in school, and respect at home. All of these things were important to us as parents, looking for activities that they can enjoy and avenues away from the culture of drugs, crime, and civil disobedience.
The study and training provided achievements, struggles, but yet rewards of accomplishments with their testing and promotion process. It not showed them, but proved to them that anything is possible with proper training and the power of learning.

Nothing can be more rewarding as a parent watches them grow and especially when they receive their rank and certificate of accomplishments from their Martial Arts School. You can see it in their faces at the presentations. They know your proud and they know they worked hard for this.

Two of my children are grown and started life's of their own. Between school, marriage, jobs, and now children of their own, they still carry the respect that they learned with it. Even though life changes didn't allow them to finish, they still workout with the Martial Arts that they learned. My two younger ones, both 16 now( boy and girl), are still active in the Martial Arts. My son is a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo and Hapkido. He is at the Martial Arts School 5-6 days a week and helps in every aspect from testing and instruction as needed at the school.

My daughter is coming along in this style and injuries have held her back some. But the drive is there and desire of not quitting because of injuries or lifestyle is an accomplishment to me and herself.
Sure, they have all been injured at one time or another, but sports can have the same result.

The rewards are worth the time and money. Seeing the end result, the black belt test. This test is just not your run of the mill test. This test lasted over 9 hours! A break of 10 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at the halfway point, and another 10 minute break in last half of the test.
This test was the most cruelty thing that I witnessed. It tested strength, endurance, mind control, self control, and every aspect you can think of.

As the Master described, to see where their heart lies and true desire to achieve the end result! After witnessing this test, I didn't think anyone would finish. But I was wrong! The desire and the hunger was amazing to see!

The last thing they did at this test, was the required breaking, right after the sparring. Mind you, the physical drain of being tested on everything you know or learned, the physical part, the mind part, then being exhausted from that to sparring and grappling. Then having to pull yourself together physically and mentally for the breaking. Knowing that this is a pass or fail situation. This finish is where you see the biggest accomplishment of all. Digging deep in themselves and having the mind set, focusing ability to do the breaking. Watching them encouraging others. Realizing the test is over, physically exhausted and totaling drained. To line up, listen to the Masters words about the test. Having your name read out to see if you pass or fail. Going up to receive your certificates and having your black belt put on you by your Master. This is the reward to me as a parent, the reward was much greater to my son! Each test was harder, but yet the reward is ultimate feeling and seeing him now it shows!

Donald Gordon Sr

Black Judo Uniform

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Revised Last 1/10/08