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In this book of nearly 500 pages, you will find the "Kuk-Ki-Won Edition of  Tae Kwon Do Text Book" to have an in depth history from ancient times to modern day.  Also covered are the generalities and principles of Taekwondo instructions; basic movements, kicks, punches, strikes and blocks that are performed by the beginner and black belt alike.  The Taegeuk poomsaes are covered from 1 through 8 and from first Dan to ninth Dan.  The origin, definition and significance of poomsaes are also taught.  Many pictures are included to help depict in detail each lesson. Plus, you will find much more. 




Tae Kwon Do Textbook - Vol. I

Basic Techniques & Taegeuk Poomse
by Kim Jeong-Rok

Consists of the historical background of Taekwondo, etiquette and ethics, rules inside the Dojang, the Taekwondo oath, the stances, the uniform and belt, and the training curriculum, the parts of the body used for attack and defense, basic stances, and concentrates on Taegeuk 1 Jang through Taegeuk 8 Jang.  Includes many pictures that depict in detail each of the movements, as well as a chart of the footwork so that anyone can learn the Taegeuks easily.



Tae Kwon Do Textbook - Vol. II

Basic Techniques & Palgwe Poomse
by Kim Jeong-Rok

This volume consists of all of the movements punching, striking, thrusting, blocking and kicking.  It is to be used by beginners and black belts alike.  The second volume is similar to the first volume, but covers Palgwe 1 Jang through Palgwe 8 Jang instead.



Tae Kwon Do Textbook - Vol. III

Black Belt Poomse
by Kim Jeong-Rok

This volumne consists of all the movements for all the black belt poomse (from first Dan to ninth Dan), which includes Koryo, Geumgang, Teaback, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Cheongwon, Hansoo, Ilyo and  a complete list of all the rules and regulations, including a list of Taekwondo terminology.


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